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Tips for traveling to the beach with the family and taking care of your health


The way of traveling has changed due to the pandemic, yet enjoy your vacation at the beach is still possible. So today, we want to give you these tips so you can travel to the beach with your...

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Playa del Carmen: the post-COVID-19 waiting time that was worth it


During the quarantine period for the COVID-19 many couples were separated, they stopped seeing each other as often and could only stay in touch through social networks or platforms such as Zoom or...

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Family activities that you can only enjoy in the Mexican Caribbean


Being at home for so long can be extremely tiring. After having spent so many days in quarantine, the only thing we want is to get away from the place where we were locked up, go to the beach, go...

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COVID-19 is an opportunity to preserve the health of the planet


The quarantine status assumed by almost the entire planet to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections has helped to control the pandemic. In some countries, governments have begun a phased opening...

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Post pandemic: vacations on Mexican beaches


This pandemic caused by COVID-19 remains as the major issue worldwide. Some countries, such as China or Spain, are gradually withdrawing quarantine but still with great caution.

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Consuming local is the key to traveling soon


Traveling seems like a distant dream these days. The COVID-19 contingency is still in force in many countries including Mexico, where measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus....

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Our Planet breaths again: The positive impact of COVID-19


The principal problem the world is facing today is COVID-19. However, before that, the biggest worries were Climate Change and Global Warming. These days, most news seems awful, but if you look...

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What to do about COVID-19


If you are visiting Riviera Maya, surely you have heard about the prevention measures against COVID-19 in Mexico. Riviera Maya is one of the principal touristic destinations in the country, for...

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