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Do you love adrenaline and the beach? Visit these locations in the Riviera Maya

If you consider yourself an adrenaline lover, you will find several options in the Riviera Maya to satisfy your more adventurous side. In this post, we recommend extreme attractions and activities by

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Reasons to celebrate Christmas on Mexico's beaches

The traditional picture of Christmas next to a fireplace and wearing printed sweaters may be a good idea... but year after year? Avoid Christmas from becoming a monotonous and predictable holiday....

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Do you know these archaeological sites in the Riviera Maya?

A trip to the Riviera Maya can take different paths. You can indulge in absolute relaxation by the beach or discover local life by visiting the picturesque markets and parks, or you can learn about ...

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The Riviera Maya: the best place to welcome the new year

Most of us can agree that time goes by fast. Have you noticed how close we are to welcoming a new year? Maybe this news has surprised you, which can mean you don't have a plan for this celebration. ...

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Means of transport to explore the Riviera Maya

Are you planning on visiting the Riviera Maya? Probably, you have already visualized yourself on the seashore, with your feet sunk in the white sand, while the crystal-clear sea breeze ruffles your...

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Apps you need if you're a fan of traveling

We live in an era in which cell phones are more than devices used to make calls and send text messages. Our cell phones can now connect us to the world and be our gateway to incredible experiences...

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Features a Happy Address home must have

Choosing the best accommodation is vital for a memorable and successful vacation. You'll need a space where you can feel comfortable and safe and that can meet your needs and those of the people...

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Mexico’s travel destination where celebrities spend their vacations

Mexico is one of the best vacation destinations thanks to its vast culture, beautiful traditions, and impressive landscapes. It is also well known that Mexicans are distinguished by their hospitality...

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Plan your vacations like an expert with these 5 tips

Every great adventure comes with great responsibility. While vacations are about relaxing and living in the moment, jumping into them without a plan is not ideal. Planning and organization are key...

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Fall in Playa del Carmen: is it a good idea?

We say goodbye to summer but not to the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. The fall season is highly awaited by locals, as it brings a marathon of iconic cultural holidays. The temperature also...

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